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St. John the Evangelist, Calgary, is a traditional Roman Catholic parish of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter where we make a special welcome to Anglicans who are seeking to come home to the Catholic Church. Our Parish Priest is Father Robert-Charles Bengry GSmp and our Parochial Vicar is Father Sean-Patrick Beahen GSmp. Both are Gilbertine Fathers of the Canons Regular of St. Gilbert of Sempringham.

For 106 years we were a parish of the Anglican Diocese of Calgary but were received into the full communion of the Roman Catholic Church on 18 December 2011 as a response to Pope Benedict XVI Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus. We were canonically erected as one of the founding parishes of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter on 4 November 2014.

We are a family-friendly community where God the Holy Trinity is worshipped in the beauty of holiness. St. John’s is both a neighbourhood and a destination parish where the Catholic faith is passed on faithfully to this new generation. We seek, as a Catholic family, to grow together in holiness in the love of God and neighbour.

St. John’s century-old commitment to serving the people of Inglewood and the wider city of Calgary remains as firm as ever. Come and visit us and join our thriving community for worship, fellowship and good works.




  Please note:  The Gaudete Ball event on the 15th is being put on by Holy House as a fund-raiser for the Home School Enrichment Programme. All are welcome — spread the word!

Please note: The Gaudete Ball event on the 15th is being put on by Holy House as a fund-raiser for the Home School Enrichment Programme. All are welcome — spread the word!

  Please note:  The Lessons and Carols event on the 23rd is being put on by Holy House as a fund-raiser for the Home School Enrichment Programme. All are welcome — spread the word!

Please note: The Lessons and Carols event on the 23rd is being put on by Holy House as a fund-raiser for the Home School Enrichment Programme. All are welcome — spread the word!




worship with us



Mass is held at St. John’s every day (except on stat holidays). Our 7.30 am Mass is the Conventual Mass of the Gilbertines but all are welcome. Special Masses are normally held in the evening including that of the Father Lacomb Guild. Please forward Mass intentions to Mrs. Susan Travis, our Parish Secretary, at 403.265.5072 or by email: The suggested donation is $10.

Sunday: 8.00 am / 10.00 am
Monday: 7.30 am
Tuesday: 7.30 am / 11.30 am
Wednesday: 11.30 am / 7.00 pm
Thursday: 7.30 am / 11.30 am
Friday: 7.30 am / 11.30 am
Saturday: 7.30 am / 11.30 am
Vigil Mass: 6.00 pm



We have a number of opportunities (as scheduled or by appointment) to partake of this life-giving sacrament at St. John’s. If the purple stole is hanging outside of the confessional, it means a Priest is not currently in — if it’s not there, it means a priest is inside waiting to hear confessions and absolve sins. If it's been a long time since you’ve been to confession, the priest will guide you through the process. The seal of the confessional is absolute: draw near to God, confess your sins, and experience the salvation that God’s peace brings.

Sunday: 7.45 am – 9.15 am
Tuesday to Saturday: 15 minutes before and during each regularly scheduled Mass
— or by appointment —

Daily Prayer

Gilbertines pray the Daily Office, including Morning and Evening Prayer, which are normally prayed publicly in the Church. All are welcome to join in. Compline and the Little Hours (Terce, Sext and None) are also said at the Church, though less regularly. If you happen to be in the area, come and pray. If you are travelling at a distance, be sure to check this website to ensure the prayers will be taking place when you arrive because from time to time the prayers are rescheduled due to pastoral work.

Monday: 9.00 am
During the Week: 7.00 am / 5 pm
Wednesday: 7.00 am / 5 pm / 9pm


Holy Hour

Adoration and Benediction is a valuable way of spending time with and growing closer to Christ. We do so as a parish on Wednesdays after our 7.oo pm Mass.

Wednesday: 7.45 pm

St. John’s is a Catholic Community where my loved ones and I are able to grow in authentic Christian discipleship. We worship God beautifully and we treat each other well — we’re a true Catholic family.
— David James


sacramental life



Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit, and the door which gives access to the other sacraments. Through water and the Holy Spirit, men and women are freed from the power of sin and death and are reborn as sons of God and members of Christ's body, the Church. Find out more [here].


Those who have been baptised continue on the path of Christian initiation through the Sacrament of Confirmation. In this sacrament they receive the Holy Spirit whom the Lord sent upon the apostles on Pentecost. Find out more [here].

We at St. John’s make a special welcome to Anglicans who feel called home to the Catholic Church.




The decision to get married is one of the most significant steps in a person’s life. Perhaps it is the most significant: two people make vows to each other to remain exclusively together for the rest of their lives. Find out more about getting married at St. John’s [here].

holy orders

Are you a Catholic man who feels a call to the Priesthood? Have others told you that you'd make a good Priest or Deacon? Are you unsure how to even start exploring a sense of call? If so, contact Father Robert-Charles and he will point you in the right direction. Contact him through our parish secretary [].



ANOINTING of the sick

The anointing of the sick is done by a Priest to bring spiritual and even physical strength and healing during a serious illness, especially near the time of death. In the case of an emergency call our Priests at: 403.764.6827.


Death is a consequence of original sin — if we had not sinned then our bodies would go straight to heaven, as our Lord did in his Ascension, and Our Lady did at her Assumption. However, since Christ has conquered death on the Cross, our sorrow is tempered by the hope of the Resurrection. We trust that on the last day our mortal bodies will rise again to be with Our Lord. Find out more about Catholic funerals at St. John’s [here].



our community



we’d love to hear from you


Mrs. Susan Travis is our Parish Secretary. She is normally in the office at Cross Hall on  Mondays and Thursdays from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.  The doors are often locked for security purposes, please ring the door-bell to the right of the doors. You can call us at: 403.265.5072 or if there is a pastoral emergency call: 403.764.6827. 


St John’s is easily accessible from either Deerfoot Trail (Highway 2) via Blackfoot Trail SE and 17th Avenue SE (1A) from downtown along 9th Avenue SE. We are located one block north of 9th Avenue SE, and two blocks east of the Zoo Road NE turnoff to the bridge.